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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 12, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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welcome back. this is "msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. on the horizon just hours away
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from the olympic spectacular or spectacle, a live look at vancouver. this is the skyline. story lines are already playing out. first, who is going to light the torch. that's a big question. and the lindsey vonn saga. latest practice run delayed. when will america's best hope for gold get to test out that injured leg? . new, late breaking details. underground scare. passengers tell tale of getting stuck after a packed d.c. train derails. some spend hours trying to get aboveground. valentine's day fury. parents angry that one school wants to put a stop to valentine's day exchanges. vancouver, the official opening of the olympic games. the drama, as you know, has already started. it's in full swing. we have live pictures of the
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torch relay happening. what's happening with skier lindsey vonn? that's the other big question out there. the medal hopeful was supposed to hit the slopes for a test run earlier today, despite that bruised shin. now, we're hearing of another postponement in her test run. nbc's jeff rossen is live in vancouver. jeff, you can't make this kind of stuff up. this is dramatic. one of the best skiers if not the best female skier, and the weather keeps delaying her ability to test out this injury. it's crazy. >> yeah, it's crazy. this is what the olympics are all about. all coming down to the wire. this is why they play the game, as they say. really, there is drama building around lindsey vonn. we should mention these trains are postponed not because of her injury but because of the weather at whistler. the fog and snow, it's become a problem. lindsey, we're told, will get a chance to take that first training run since her injury at 5:00 eastern now. that's, of course, unless the weather continues to be a
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problem. we're also learning, nbc news learned she's using a new high-tech shin guard that's going to hopefully help her. lindsey vonn is also saying that the pain she talked about a couple of days ago and broke on the "today" show is beginning to dwindle. i think the exact quote was it went from unbearable to the point she can grit her teeth and get through it. that's the hope now. we hope to see lindsey vonn's training run since the injury three hours from now at 5:00 eastern. we're talking about the opening ceremony tonight. a lot of people wondering will it live up to the height of beijing. beijing is one of the most amazing ceremonies i've ever seen and people covering the olympics longer than me have ever seen. we're told this is not the big shock and awe, but more something that fits canada. something dignified, something canadians can be proud of. full of emotion. we're told the native american
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history of this country will be on full display as well. we should mention the budgets for opening and closing ceremonies, $40 million. we'll see how they put that money to use, tamron. >> we were just showing while you were talking some of the rehearsal. they don't often let cameras inside. we have a little bit and showed a little bit of rehearsals. i have to ask you the big question if lindsey's leg will stand in the way -- no pun intended, stand in the way -- who is going to light the flame. we put together some famous canadians. we were literally walking around the newsroom asking who folks thought. came up with a list. celine dion, martin short mike myers, william shot mer, pamela anderson. for some reason, i don't think it's her. howie mandel, wayne gretzky, michael j. fox. justin beeber, the kid who is
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the pop sensation. here is the thing, jeff. i think wayne gretzky should hit a puck on fire and sails through the air and lands and ignites into this huge thing. >> are you working for them? whenever i'm in the newsroom, you organize us, they should have known you and hired you, it would be easier. get all this out of the way earlier. >> who is your pick? >> i was thinking wayne gretzky, but then john furlong, who is running all this, said on the air on the local media in vancouver, he's been opening the newspaper every day hoping the newspapers don't guess who it is and he hasn't seen that person guessed yet and wayne gretzky has been on the cover of the papers here. so i thought wayne gretzky, probably celine dion, probably not alex.
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>> in men's olympic luge slider according to the associated press has crashed during training suffering what's called life threatening injuries. he's from georgia, the country. he's a men's olympic luge slider. apparently suffering life-threatening injuries during a training run today at whistler sliding center. so jeff, i'm going to let you go. hopefully we'll get you to get more information there. >> our team is at whistler yes. >> more drama. this is turning out to be sad information if it's accurate. thanks, jeff. another thing people are talking about, what the athletes will be wearing at the opening ceremony. we'll get details, the president of polo, ralph lauren, designing the olympic gear for team usa. be sure to watch the ceremony live in vancouver tonight at 7:30 on nbc. breaking news from texas, investigators have just released sketches of three persons of interest in a string of church fires in the eastern part of the
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state. the three men in the sketches are wanted in connection with at least nine arsons since january 1st. the latest took place earlier this week. in fact, on monday outside of tyler. no injuries have been reported. hopefully we'll be able to show you the sketches of these persons of interest shortly. three minor injuries are reported after subway train derailed this morning in washington, d.c. officials say the front wheels of a six-car train lead car slipped off the tracks as it left the station. about 350 people were on the train when it derailed. >> off the track. definitely off the track. it's not overturned. nothing serious like that. nothing as bad as it's been. but it's bad. it came off the truck underground. >> passengers say they waited for about 90 minutes in the dark and the cold before they were allowed to exit the underground train. former president bill clinton is recovering in
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chappaqua, new york after a procedure to clear his blocked artery. rehema joins us. he's home and i'm sure working. what's next for his health? >> reporter: what's next, continue doing what he's been doing. according to doctors, he's been doing the right things. when they checked him into the hospital, the doctor said his cholesterol levels are good. he's been eating right, exercising right. this is one of those kinds of things that goes wrong with the kind of surgery that he underwent some six years ago. he does have heart disease. so as you know, they had to implant those two stints to clear up a clogged artery. they say the procedure didn't take that long and he was back up and walking after no time at all. as you pointed out, he was walking out of the hospital. he can enjoy the olympic ceremonies from the comfort of his own home tonight. >> did the doctors say what
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caused this health setback, busy schedule, not eating right? >> no, not at all. from time to time, may be a question of his genetics or the fact he does have heart disease or the quadruple bypass surgery they did on him some six years ago, the tissue they used for that surgery, it wears out. seems like that might be one of the things that happened here. they were anticipating some kind of thing. it happens with some frequency with patients of this nature. so when he experienced the pressure in his chest, he knew what to do based on conversations with a doctor, got to his cardiologist and they took care of it with the procedure. >> thank you very much. also, new numbers out on the number of people killed by swine flu. the cdc is now reporting as many as 17,000 americans died from swine flu since the pandemic broke last year, 1800 of those
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were children. the cdc pandemic put as many people in the hospital as the normal seasonal flu. a rare event for the deep south. the snow is really starting to come down as a winter storm is moving eastward across alabama, georgia and carolinas. weather channel's jeff morrow in mobile, alabama where there's a little rain, but now i understand it's turned to snow. >> we had some snow on and off, coming down pretty good here. not terribly heavy. >> jeff, what happened to the snow. there's no snow. i have to be honest here. we hype it up, a big snowstorm. this makes southerners like myself, soft. we look weak if we can't handled this. >> it has snowed. believe me. we did get some snow. it just didn't stick down here in the downtown area. actually the northern parts of mobile in baldwin county, we got reports of three to five inches of snow across much of southern,
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alabama. it's now moving spoke birmingham and atlanta areas, even though it might not look snowy right now. >> it does not. >> there's snow across the south. it's only going to last one day. it's messed up travel. delta canceled over 800 flights, 1,000 now. airtran the same. it's messing things up. it is moving away tonight and tomorrow, hoping to dry things out. mother nature taking turns hitting different parts of the country and this week it was the south. >> thank you very much, jeff. i didn't mean to give you grief there. it's kind of funny you're in the one spot -- >> yes, you did. >> all right. talk to you later. the end of an era, after the passing of his father, patrick kennedy makes a decision about his own political future. yet another unbelievable twist in the story of ten americans still detained in haiti. the man advising the idaho ten, now he's facing acquisitions of
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his own. and they are serious. can you imagine banning valentine's day cards? don't you remember when you were in school and maybe you gave someone in school a card just to say i love you. one school district is saying that's not a good idea. crossing the line? you tell me. i've got more details coming up. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus. that keep you cool and dry have now inspired stayfree® to create a whole new level of comfort when it comes to your period. only stayfree® ultra thins have thermocontrol™. designed with the comfort of athletic fabrics in mind, stayfree® with thermocontrol™ quickly wicks moisture away for exceptional dryness. so you stay incredibly comfortable no matter where your day takes you. stay dry. stay cool. with thermocontrol™ only from stayfree®.
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welcome back. i'm in our control here at msnbc. nothing gets your blood going like a count oun, right? get your energy. check out the countdown clock in vancouver where they have started to count down ceremonies. 6:46:02. a report the wife of john
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murtha is being urged to run for his house seat. a former spokesman for the late representative tells a pittsburgh news many have suggested her to take over his seat. he held the seat for nearly four decades. if his wife decides to run, she would follow in the footsteps of 46 other women who have succeeded their late husbands in the house or the senate. that's a good number to remember. the newest senator from massachusetts, scott brown is apparently getting settled in on capitol hill. the republican senator was seen checking out his new office with his wife and a few staffers today. senator brown, of course, will be taking over the seat once held by senator kennedy. there's a real shift in print cal dynasty, patrick kennedy, son of the late ted kennedy has decided not to run.
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it would mark the first time in half a century a kennedy would not be serving in united states congress. he recorded this statement about his big decision. >> i'm so grateful to the people of rhode island. when i made mistake or suffered setbacks, you responded not with contempt but compassion. >> kelly o'donnell capitol hill correspondent. kelly, what's been the reaction you've heard on the hill from this big announcement. >> there was surprise from some but others new for about ten months patrick kennedy was considering whether it was time to step out of elective office, that part of life. so much of what he does reflects on the bigger issue of the kennedy name, whether that is a benefit or burden. even his own career choice has all of this extra attention. as you mentioned more than half a century of kennedys in congress. so what's happening now? people are deciding whether or not they might want to jump in. the current mayor of providence,
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a former mayor, colorful character that served time in prison expressing interest. people making their mark to say who woo-suk seed patrick kennedy in office. people say it's a personal decision not a political one. he's actually looking for a second career, where he could do some things in public service that don't have the same demands, 24-7 life of being a politician where you have to run for election every two years. it is a huge transition. in that video you saw a clip of, that will air on providence tv stations at 7:00. people will have a fuller idea of what his decision means and does a thank you for the people that sent him here for eight terms. >> did he indicate he would still like to be active on the political front? >> yes. one of the things a close associate said he has learned from other example in his family that you can be active and successful in public life in public ways. think of the special olympics as
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an example. that's not an elective office but has a lot of influence. i'm told he would consider running again years down the line but needs a break from elective office for now. >> very interesting. kelly o'donnell, live report on capitol hill. what do you think? let me know, regarding patrick kennedy's decision and anything else we talked about today. coming up, what are the odds -- no. that is not the right video. we were talking about a story, what are the odds, a bullet deflected by a blackberry, we'll have that. and we were showing you a picture of the alleged 9/11 mastermind. the trial may be moved out of new york city. the latest on what the president is saying. his involvement. we'll be right back. blane
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welcome back a congressional delegation headed by nancy
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pelosi headed to haiti. the delegation will assess reconstruction efforts and consider long-term aid. today is a national day of mourning in haiti. thousands of survivors gathered for a memorial service ceremony this morning at the presidential palace, which was also heavily damaged in the quake. meantime it appears the 10 american missionaries facing child abduction charges will spend another weekend in jail, even though a judge said they could be released. also today questions are sbir swirling around a legal adviser accused of trafficking women and young girls. mike taibbi joins us. before we talk about the legal adviser and the scandal around him. for clarification, the judge said he's misquoted, he's recommending or making a recommendation to the prosecution but he's not standing out solo and saying he thinks the americans should be
2:24 pm
released. >> reporter: he's saying they should be released and allowed to return home pending the investigation. tamron, he's also giving the prosecutor to appeal has recommendation. since it's a national holiday and mourning, the investigation will happen monday at the earliest. that's as clear as we can state, despite the 10 are still in jail. >> back to the legal adviser facing a scandal of his own. again, it involves trafficking children and women. what's going on here and what is this attorney or adviser saying? >> let's be careful to call it an alleged scandal. we're not certain it's the guy. he's claiming he's not the guy. the el salvador police are looking for a different guy. he says my name is as common as john smith in the united states. i don't have a passport. i'm a lawyer who lives in the dominican republic and that's it. the judge in the case, in the
2:25 pm
kidnapping case is kept cal, he says, because he's never had a lawyer come into his chambers with four bodyguards as he did a couple of days ago. the judge wants to conduct his own investigation on that aspect of the case. another turn in a case of weird turns before he comes up with the final decision on the broader case. >> i understand police are involved in investigating this, regarding these allegations and there was a photograph of the individual that they are looking for for these trafficking charges. >> that's right. >> is it this adviser? >> well, police in el salvador are saying that's the guy. the guy is saying, new york city it's not me. he, in fact, lives in the dominican republic, part of a 45 member legal team there. they said that didn't check out. there was a claim he was licensed to practice law in miami. that hasn't checked out. with so many aspects on the record he told to people not checking out, the suspicions
2:26 pm
continue and the word you use swirl, and they are swirling around him now. >> thanks for the latest out of haiti. another story i heard about today and wanted to report to you. we know the blackberry can be hard to put down. apparently it's hard enough to block a bullet a daytona, ohio woman was at a restaurant when a gun misfired sending a bullet her way. listen to this, she escaped with only a minor bruise when the bullet was stopped by her blackberry. >> the bullet did not penetrate the cell phone. bent the cell phone a bit and made it unusable. >> the man who owned the gun had a concealed weapons permit, so he did not face charges. luckily that woman is okay. back home resting comfortably, we'll tell you what's ahead now that the surgery is behind him. five hours away from the olympic opening ceremony and the
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latest star-studded collaboration organized by quincy jones. yes, it is the remake of we are the world. we're going to get a chance to finally hear it. this is msnbc. alaska, everyone awaits the return of the fishing boats. their safe arrival is highly anticipated. as is something else. a shipment of natural sea salt from cargill, essential for preserving the catch. we deliver the salt on precise schedules and ship it efficiently all along the alaskan coast.
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subaru, the only manufacturer with 2010 iihs top safety picks for all models. welcome back. the trial of the 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed and four alleged accomplices originally planned for new york. in an interview with the "washington post," attorney general eric holder raised the possibility of holding the trial before a military commission instead of a civilian court. "the washington post" also reports president obama will take a much more active role in deciding the location of the trial. the white house could consider moving the trial from new york after local officials raise concerns about security, the cost and political fallout. joining us josh gerstein, white house reporter for politico.
2:31 pm
josh, fascinating developments. let's first start with the president's more active role. what are you hearing about this? >> my understanding is that the president's role came about as a result of the justice department plan going off the rails on capitol hill and new york city. it was left to attorney general eric holder working this out. what happened after the trial was announced, support in manhattan deteriorated. reports came out about the cost going through the roof. perhaps as much as $200 million a year or a billion over several years just for security. it looked like there was an effort afoot in the senate to actually require the trial, through legislation, basically be put back into a military commission. as a result the white house felt they had no choice but to step in and get more actively involved in this process. >> i have to ask you, for many people this was an emotional issue, the thought of this trial being just steps away from where
2:32 pm
the attack happened. there were others that chose to politicize this. does this hurt the administration, the president after it's changed after fighting on every program, fighting republicans saying this should have been held in military instead civilian court. >> sure. it's another big setback for the president's terrorism policy. the white house is looking at if it turns out it has to go through a military commission, because there's no support or virginia where jim webb is opposed to have the trial in a civilian system, it's not clear how many other places they may go. what the white house is looking for, if they decide the trial does go back before a military commission, can they leverage that to get other goals accomplished. like closing guantanamo and moving those prisoners to illinois. >> it's interesting. the time line the administration
2:33 pm
is looking at. i ask, because the super bowl was last sunday and the president gave the interview saying he was still open, despite the backlash, to having the trial in new york. less than a week later we're having this development. do we know a time line on when this administration will come out and say one way or another what's happening here? >> i haven't heard a specific timeframe. we do know lindsey gram, the republican sponsoring this legislation says he plans to attach this to a bill or have it brought up on the senate floor as soon as he can. therefore, the white house doesn't have time to maneuver. what i heard from defense secretary robert gibbs today, they would like to get this issue cleaned up and off the national discussion as quickly as they can. >> wow, i don't know if they will have it that way. thank you very much, josh. appreciate it. quickly, breaking news out of vancouver. looks like the women's downhill practice at whistler has been canceled today due to weather
2:34 pm
conditions. so lindsey vonn will not be skiing to test out her shin. this the third postponement. now it's called off. it was postponed earlier this morning her test run. we heard of another delay. it's all-out canceled. she's not going to be able to test out her leg tonight. opening ceremonies. she's expected to attend the opening ceremony. another great setback for this skier who wants to test out her leg to see if she's going to be able to compete. former president bill clinton at home recovering after he had two stints inserted into one of his coronary arteries yesterday. it is a procedure that is used to open a clogged artery. as many as 1 million americans have the procedure done each year. dr. cam patterson is chief of cardiology at chapel hill. dr., thank you for joining me. >> it's my pleasure. >> here you have the former
2:35 pm
president leaving out today walking -- he went in talking on the cell phone, left out ready to work. is this how you would expect a patient up and at 'em after a procedure? >> you bet it is. this is simply a straightforward procedure, essentially a tunup for the president to keep his heart healthy. he'll be back in haiti in a week from now i suspect. >> doctors said he complained of discomfort, careful not to say strong chest pains of discomfort. a lot of people have this procedure. a lot of people may find themselves facing stuff like this in the future. what's your advice for others who have similar cases like the president? >> i think the important thing to keep in mind is the president recognized the symptoms and caught it early before he had a severe heart attack. that's really the important message to get out to people listening to this. we need to pay attention to
2:36 pm
problems that could lead to a heart attack, if we don't intervene with angioplasty or heart surgery. >> the 1 million americans including the president that have this surgery, what do you keep an eye on. as you mentioned, he may go back to haiti. for most people it's getting back to work. >> you have to go back to work, pay attention to normal business. pay attention to your cholesterol. he'll be on medicines that will keep clots from forming on the stints for a period of time. that's important. following a good diet. keeping track of your blood pressure. those are really the key things to focus on. day-to-day care his heart issues. >> he's not alone. 1 million americans have the same procedure every year. thank you very much, dr. patterson, we greatly appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> we're told you have live pictures of the olympic torch run. i see people on the side of the
2:37 pm
street cheering the torch runner. don't know who the individual is. maybe we'll find out. an earlier participant was arnold schwarzenegger, he carried the olympic torch. a few hours ago, tom brokaw. catch the opening ceremony, in vancouver, tonight 7:30 only on nbc. vice president joe biden will take part in the festivities. the vice president will leave the u.s. delegation during the opening weekends of the game along with his wife dr. jill biden. they will meet athletes, attend events and meet with other dignitaries, of course. the vice president's weekend is very busy. he should be. he's the vice president and we don't want him resting. he'll appear on "meet the press." check out your local listings for an interview with the vice president.
2:38 pm
keeping the olympic theme as if we had a choice to do anything else. 25 years after the original "we are the world" the version debuts at the opening ceremony. today's biggest music stars contributed their talents to help the effort in haiti. this the part i love, the opening ceremony, the song, it's super cool. let's get the scoop. pop culture media columnist and my friend. >> yes, opening ceremonies, unlike lindsey vonn's run it won't be postponed, canceled. it's a sure bet. "we are the world" that new rendition is going to premier tonight. tons of famous people participating. we have kanye west. we haven't seen him publicly since his incident. nicole, lionel richie. >> nicole sings? >> she's part of it as well. it's multi-generational. this song, which has been around 25 years, still resonate with a
2:39 pm
new generation. kids right now is this going to make sense to them? listen to the answer to that question. >> maybe. >> yes, it will resonate. >> i'll answer on behalf of lionel richie who did answer it earlier in an interview with nbc. >> they just have a great opportunity now to be in it. 25 years later they can now be in it. they had all the enthusiasm we had the first time we did it. >> everybody came there to do something. you don't know it's going to work at first. you just give everything you've got and hope it works. >> i think it definitely works. it's going to be fantastic to watch. michael jackson's part, you were asking earlier. it's in there. michael jackson has been kind of moved virtually over to this recording. >> the original vocal. >> original vocals will be in there and janet jackson will be there. a big technical trick but i think it will be nice. if you're not doing olympics this weekend you might be going
2:40 pm
to the movies. it's valentine's day, what better movie to say than valentine's day. however, it's being a little bit eviscerated. >> like jamie foxx. what's that guy's name. >> bradley cooper. >> patrick dempsy, ashton kutcher. usually when a cast is this huge, you've got the best of in a movie, it tends to spell doom for the film. usually means the script can hold up, you've got somebody that called in favors and got great celebrities. it stands to be number one at the box office. the critics tend to like more serious fare. they don't like average rom com. they like "hangover" but that was new. i don't think you can put it in the sappy category. >> "love actually." >> i loved "love actually." one of my favorite, favorite holiday films.
2:41 pm
television, since we're going to try to hit every medium, singing, film, television. this is the time of year shows are either going to be renewed or we're going to be waving good-bye, see you later. however, there's time to save stuff. hollywood report erika out with a list of shows. it includes "24" it has a phenomenally large fan base. i'm so watching "24." i've got to tell you, jack bower has had more bad days than anything out there. "chuck" a grassroots campaign. if you're a fan of "chuck" this is a good time to start watching. >> "hero" is on the list. used to be my show but i'm done with it. >> "friday night lights." start watching television. if you haven't been, it's a good time to save shows. >> someone asked why we laugh and giggle.
2:42 pm
we have this telepathy. we can't say some things we're thinking about. >> exactly. >> we know what you're thinking about. >> thanks, tamron. >> for the latest entertainment news, logon to ahead, onmore from vancouver as the u.s. olympic team gets ready to step it up. sharp dressed. we'll take a look at the official attire for the opening ceremony. going to give you a peek at it. woman down from nasal allergy attack. but we've got
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welcome backing, the opening ceremony. have you heard? the olympics open ceremony less than five hours away. really what the athletes will wear, ralph lauren tapped to design what they will wear. a somewhat different look in 2002 and 2006 when the u.s. team wore their berets.
2:46 pm
president of polo ralph lauren joins me now. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> nice jacket. where can we get it? >> well, it's sold throughout america. it's on ralph and lafl lauren stores and macy's. it's a big collectors item already. we're very proud. >> will that jacket be worn at the opening ceremony by team usa? >> this piece is another from the collection. tonight they will be wearing navy blue. it's going to be tremendous. they have a whole soot coming out with a jacket. really looks winter olympics. it's very exciting. >> give us the scoop behind the scenes. i imagine there's a lot of ideas, passionate people about their ideas. how do you narrow it down to what our team will end up wearing? >> well, we work very closely with usoc, u.s. olympic
2:47 pm
committee made up of athletes, try to understand what makes them feel comfortable, what the spirit of the season and team is all about and try to fit the clothes to it. it's about 600 different athletes, different shapes and sizes and working for each of them to make sure we get it right. >> how do you describe the spirit of the season? as i pointed out we had a huge shot of the countdown clock, people are excited with the story line of lindsey vonn. how do you capture the spirit of the olympic games and let it translate through the attire. >> here in vancouver the spirit is everywhere. ten minutes ago, everywhere you walk you're seeing athletes walking around. we see huge stars. capturing the spirit is understanding what the games are about. we researched the history of the olympians, what they wore, what makes them feel right. everywhere i walk, people are asking me what sport i play. >> it instantly makes you look like you could do home with the
2:48 pm
gold there. they tell me there's a vintage inspired feel to what the team will wear? >> exactly. the olympic committee wanted to go back to the heyday, lake placid, the '30s. we certainly researched the history but gave it a thoroughly modern twist. ralph lauren, what you're seeing there is not ralph lauren but what you see tonight will be staggering. >> let's take a shot of what is ralph lauren, david lauren. that is a hot jacket. we can pick it up and walk around and people will think we're athletes. thank you very much and congratulations on a fantastic honor for your company. greatly appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> you can see what the athletes will be wearing during the olympic ceremony in vancouver. don't miss full coverage 7:30 on nbc. meantime, no marriage, no olympics. that was the ultimatum a chinese figure skater gave her partner
2:49 pm
before agreeing to make a comeback in their quest for olympic gold. they competed in the past three winter olympics and have two bronze medals to show for it. fittingly the couple will begin their fourth attempt to win the top prize but she told him he had to put a ring on it before they would perform. she knew what she wanted. let us know what you think, i love hearing from you and reach out when i can. people have a person of interest matt case of sommer thompson. we've been following the story. there may be a break in the case. get the latest details coming up. if toyota gets credit for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this?
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welcome back. a possible break in the murder case of seven-year-old sommer thompson. mississippi authorities have arrested a man they called a person of interest in the little
2:53 pm
girl's kidnapping and murder. 23-year-old jerrod harrell used to live in sommer's neighborhood but he's not been charged with murder. joining me live is a reporter for the florida times union. jim, thank you very much for joining us. what are police talking about regarding the charges already that jerrod harrell is facing. >> good afternoon. he's charged with 29 counts of child pornography related to pornographic images found on a laptop and on disks by roommates of his when he lived in orange park, florida, which is actually close to where he also lived and where sommer disappeared. >> his bond was set at a million dollars. he's still behind bars. do they elaborate on why he was named a person of interest, other than the obvious reasons here with this case? >> no. police are remaining tight-lipped about that. we don't have a lot of details.
2:54 pm
they have been waiting for sometime for hundreds of pieces of evidence, dna and other stuff to come back. some of that has come back. so, you know, we'll just have to wait and see. >> i know he's got these charges, was he a registered sex offender? any other accusation charges or otherwise against jerrod harrell? >> not aware of anything other than a marijuana arrest back in 2007 and some traffic charges. that's about it. >> we say that he lived in the neighborhood where sommer thompson lived. back in the summer she was walking home, her body sadly eventually found in the landfill. how close did jerrod harrell live to sommer's family. >> his family, his mother and stepfather, had a home probably less than a mile from where sommer's family lived. his home was a half a block from where sommer was last seen on
2:55 pm
the way home from school. >> where does the investigation go specifically regarding had guy behind bars. >> police say they have a lot of work to do. right now he's in mississippi. he'll have to wave or fight extradition. get him in the county, move forward if the pornography case. do what police do. look further and see what they can find to link him to the thompson case, if he's the killer. >> has there been any reaction from the family, even though he's a person of interest? >> i talked to her yesterday, dina thompson, and she's a good lady. she's basically leaving it in god's hands. she's not going to get up, not going to get down. she's encouraging the police to continue doing their jobs and staying strong for the rest of her kids. >> thank you for joining us with the exclusive details about the reaction of dina, the mother of sommer. crossing the line. you tell me. nothing is more important than
2:56 pm
protecting a child. at some point you wonder if it can go awry. children at a primary school in the uk were stopped from exchanging cards because the head teacher said they were not emotionally mature enough to cope. parents of the more than 400 students of bbc news were told the cards would be confiscated. one parent quoted as saying, it's comical, really. i couldn't believe it when i saw the newsletter. in the newsletter, the teacher said kids get upset when they are dumped an it's interrupts their learning. a spokesperson said the children -- she would be happy to discuss the children with any of the parents but there's no changing of the rule. parents were told they really want their kids to send cards, deliver them via the mail or hand to hand. crossing the line or breaking a few hearts out there. you tell me. crossing the line, you can reach out to us at or twitter me your response,
2:57 pm that wraps up this hour. i'm tamron hall. you can join us every weekday, 11:00, 2:00 eastern. david shuster picks up things next. david, what do you have? >> tamron, in addition to all the heartache over valentines we're going to bring the agony of defeat. it's already started even though games hasn't gotten under way. breaking news regarding practice sessions. it is dramatic. a lot to talk about in terms of what's going on in washington, the shape of congress. one of the kennedys, patrick kennedy announced he won't run for re-election. we'll talk about what that means. the battle with harry reid over a jobs bill. what is going on? all that starts after this. , he, this actually works. (announcer) only rogaine foam is shown to regrow hair in 85% of guys. i'll check it out and i'm like, nice. (announcer) rogain foam. stop losing. start gaining.
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